Migrant Coffee is a space dedicated to our mothers. 
Founded by two best friends who share a love of culture and joy in daily ritual, connecting with people and our history is at the centre of everything we do. As proud daughters of immigrants, our mamas taught us to work hard to make something meaningful with what we have, even if it’s very little. Migrant isn’t just a cafe. It’s a space for our people to connect, celebrate and share stories.
Our menu has twists of Filipino, Thai and Island flavours, fusing our love of bagels with tastes from home. Classic New York style bagels are a head nod to the city where we met, and the food we bonded over. We use Coffee Supreme beans and quality supplies from people whose brands tell authentic stories with purpose. Our operations are simple so we can focus on bringing good vibes and building with our community. 
As a women-owned and run business we stand for equality and inclusion. We call Melbourne’s westside home and are blessed to be part of its beautifully diverse community. Our stories are your stories, and our space is yours to share. 
Maligayang Pagdating | Yin Dee Ka | Kia Ora