Sunlight Delight Bagel
Sunlight Delight Bagel

Sunlight Delight Bagel

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Toasted Coconut Crumbed Avocado, Rocket, Tomato, House Pesto, Cream Cheese on a bagel of your choice.
*Vegan Sunlight Delight contains our delish house-made Cashew Cream instead of regular Cream Cheese and no pesto.
**Contains peanuts

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belinda phu

A super filling and delicious bagel flavour. It was a huge hit amongst my mates and they're very pretty to boot

John Whitton
Sunlight Delight Bagel <3

Best Bagels/Best café in West Footscray!
this bagel is my personal fav! <3

Vegan sunlight delight

Firstly, I was so glad that there was a vegan option on the menu because I didn't want to miss out on bagel deliciousness so close to home.

The bagel itself, (I had the everything bagel) does pack a lot of flavour and definitely packs a lot of ingredients in the bagel itself, especially with the cashew cheese alternative.

One thing I would improve or suggest is some zesty/tangy flavour to balance it out for the vegan option as I imagine the pesto would on the normal version. Even a vegan pesto (which is super easy to make in bulk or purchase) would be a welcome addition to the bagel!

Otherwise, I highly rate the vegan option and I am hoping to see some more plant based options in the future!

Vitamin D (and others) in Bagel Format

Whether it's a five minute dash or a five-hour tour down Barkly St, Migrant Coffee's Sunlight Delight is among an appetising assortment of foodstuffs worth making the pilgrimage out to Footscray West to taste. Rhyming menu items are always catchy; mouth-watering ingredients are hook, line, and sinker. Toasted coconut crunching against chunky avocado? Marvellous mouthfeel. Rocket, tomato, and pesto are essentially non-negotiable ingredients for this belly-pleasing bagel. As is cream cheese – but cashew cream is an excellent substitute for vegan compatriots. Recommended on an everything bagel. Sesame too.

TL;DR: Very good bagel, fresh ingredients, go eat it.

Marisha Nair
Delightful is an understatement

I haven't had a bagel since I lived in New York and I thought I never would again due to fear of being let down. Then Migrant opened and with hesitation I tried the Sunlight Delight. From that moment on I refuse to have a bagel from anywhere else.

This bagel is kind of like Trump in the sense that it shouldn't exist but it does (but in a good way). It is a unicorn, a one off, the perfect mix of ingredients that makes me wish I could eat it every single day (unfortunately my bank account won't allow for this). Would recommend to anyone who wants to convert their friends to being vegetarian in the most delicious sneaky way possible. They will thank you for the out of body experience they will have after they eat it.