Bok Bok Manok
Bok Bok Manok

Bok Bok Manok

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Filipino Chicken Salad with Shredded Chicken Breast, Onion, Carrot, Seeded Mustard and Pickles in Tangy Mayo with Cheddar Cheese and Lettuce

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belinda phu

Really filling and super tasty. Migrant really stuff the bagels

No turning back from Bok Bok

Migrant's bagels are already the best bagel I've eaten outside of Nth America - then the team go and add Filipino Chicken salad and a seeded mustard / mayo combo to it?! It's delicious, strangely refreshing and made with love. Accompanied with a cup of joe, it really is a dream start to the day. Can't recommend enough.

Forget what you knew. This is your life now.

I first encountered the Sunlight delight bagel at the opening. Instant connection. At the time Migrant only had two bagel options. I went for the obvious choice, the one with the most ingredients. Melo recommended I go all the way and have with cashew spread too. So I did. We’ve been inseparable ever since.
(Ask for mamas usual...)

Until a friend asked to go halves in exchange for half their Bok Bok Manok. It was a risk.
It’s just chicken and salad?
But it’s never just “just” with Melo and Stace. Everything they do is fresh, thoughtful, good vibes, leaves you joyful. So I guess the only way to describe the Bok Bok Manok is, it’s soul food.

Flashbacks to 80’s in Phils.

This bagel reminds me of my weekends in Manila growing up. My Lola and Titas made sandwiches for us to bring to the park. Our usual spot was the old Philippine International Convention Center carpark area. We hired side car bikes to ride around all afternoon and hang out with the fam.

Now I can have this memory every weekend as an adult. Thanks Migrant! Ps, I recommend Bok Bok Manok with onion bagel. It never disappoints.